Week of May 17th

Good afternoon Wildcat Families,

I hope you have enjoyed the beautiful weekend!  We begin our last week of eLearning tomorrow.  Let’s finish the school year on a strong note with regards to school work.  Of course, next Monday we will celebrate Memorial Day before we begin a week of celebrating our school year.  The LMS Drive-Thru Celebrations begin Tuesday, May 26th with our 8th grade, followed by 7th grade on Wednesday, and 6th grade on Thursday.  Each night will begin at 5:30 pm and run through 7:30 pm.  I am attaching the information that I sent home last week.  Please reach out if you need support.  Let’s have a great week!

Drive Thru End of the Year – Letter to Parents (1).pdf 

Mr. Calhoun

Summer Chromebook Information

Good afternoon LMS families,

I am sharing the following information regarding students keeping Chrome books over the summer.  The essence of the message is that all LMS students will keep their Chrome books for the time being.  Here is more specific information.  

6th & 7th Graders

Current 6th and 7th graders will KEEP their devices over the summer.  Please continue to take care of your device as we will certainly need them as we return to school next August. 

8th Graders

8th graders will also KEEP their device over the summer until given further direction.  Come mid-July, parents will receive directions explaining that rising ninth-grade students (current eighth graders) should come to their high school to exchange their Chromebook for a MacBook. This exchange will be scheduled by student last name with day and evening times available. Make-up sessions will be available for those who are not able to make the scheduled times. 

Help Desk Info

Students will continue to use the same process they have been using while the school has been closed for any technical issues.  Students are currently accustomed to putting in tickets and/or calling to schedule appointment times to receive help from Mr. Moorer.  We will continue this plan of scheduling appointments for assistance or device swap outs over the summer. 

Have a great day!

Mr. Calhoun

Week of May 10th

Good evening Wildcat Families,

First of all, Happy Mother’s Day to the LMS mothers today.  Thank you for all that you do for your children and I hope you have enjoyed your day!  We have two more weeks of eLearning.  Encourage your children to finish this school year strong, but I also know that the struggle is real this time of year.  So hang in there and we are so appreciative of how supportive you have been through this entire process.  

I am attaching a letter in my email correspondence that describes our End of the Year Nights.  We will send more information closer to the week of May 26.  Enjoy your night and let’s have a great week!

Mr. Calhoun

End of the Year Letter 

Today’s Announcement regarding School Closure

Good evening Wildcat Families,

As I listened to the Governor’s inevitable announcement to close schools for the remainder of the year this morning, my heart was very heavy.  I miss our students very much, but I understand the safety and well-being of our families and community always comes first.  As the district stated in their email, there are many decisions to be made in the next couple of weeks about the processes and procedures we will use to close out the school year.  I will communicate those as soon as decisions are finalized.  As for now, we will continue on with Phase 2 of eLearning.  Take care of your families and please let us know when you need support.  We are here for you!


E Learning Grading Guidelines

Good evening LMS families,

Tonight I am communicating to you more information about the way we will continue to share your student’s progress in their classes. This is better known as grading.  Our focus during this pandemic is on continuing essential learning in the best way possible. With regards to grading, our teachers are focusing their attention on giving feedback on the work your students are doing.  This feedback will take various forms, but our intent is to communicate to students and parents the degree to which the work being submitted is meeting expectations. Your child’s teacher can provide more specific details about their particular class.  Thanks for all of your support. Stay safe!
Grading Guidelines 

Mr. Calhoun

Sunday, March 29th

Good afternoon Lexington Middle School Families,

I hope this phone call finds you and your family well during this time.  I am calling you today as a check-in to our families.  LMS teachers, leaders, and staff miss our students very much and can’t wait for the day when we get to see their smiling faces again.  Until then, I want you to know that our first priority is the safety and well being of our families.  So if there is anything we can do for you, please do not hesitate to reach out to us at 821-3700.  Even though we are closed we are checking voicemail Monday-Friday, and are always available via email if you need assistance.  With that being said, we are continuing to adjust what the eLearning experience looks for our students.  Our main focus so far has been to engage our students meaningful learning to continuing developing their literacy and numeracy skills.  That will continue to evolve as we stay closed at least through April.  You should hear more about the district’s Phase 2 eLearning expectations this week.  Lastly, I want you know to that as a principal, father, and human being I understand the struggles that have come from the current difficult circumstances with the COVID-19 pandemic.  My family is working through what this new reality is right now and the real struggle of working from home while trying to get my 9, 7, and 5 year old to engage in learning.  So my encouragement to you is be patient and try your best to embrace the time we have with our children.  I am attaching some resources at the bottom of this email about the Lexington One lunch drop-off that is available to all children under the age of 18, as long as they are present to pick it up.  Once again, we miss you families and hope to see you soon.   

Mr. Calhoun

Lexington One Food Program 

Grab & Go at Rosenwald Community Learning Center, 420 Hendrix St. Lexington, SC 29072

Bus Drop Off Lunch Schedule – 03-27-2020 Food Drop Off Points – LEXINGTON AREA.pdf 

An important update from Dr. Little

March 24, 2020

Dear Lexington District One Family:

Today, the Governor announced that schools would remain closed throughout April of this year due to the COVID-19 coronavirus.

Parents, we know that this time is beyond challenging for you as you try to work from home and make sure that your children are cared for and doing their daily assignments. Thank you for believing in the importance of education and taking this leap of faith with us.

We know that teachers are holding class meetings through video conferencing with their own small children playing at their feet. Thank you for the innovation and creativity you are using to engage students and make them feel connected.

We know that our cafeteria workers, bus drivers, and Central Services volunteers are making sure that children have breakfast and lunch each day — when they might not eat otherwise. Thank you for your selflessness and commitment to our community.

We know that our continued success depends on how we work together and how we work to help each other through these difficult times.

Our instructional team is already working on a plan that will move us through the end of April. We plan to honor our Spring Break and leave it untouched. We sense that you may need a break beginning April 6.

I am sure that you will have lots of questions about what the future holds. I ask for your patience as we tackle this challenge together. We will be in touch with updates as information becomes available.

Thank you for all you do.

Together, we are ONE.

Dr. Greg Little, Superintendent