iPad Distribution

iPad distribution went smoothly on Wednesday.  We still have quite a few students who have technical issues with their email accounts.  This is not the result of any error by the student or the district.  District technicians are working to resolve the problems quickly and we will share the solutions as soon as possible.  The kids are loving the iPads so far.  We will continue to remind them to be responsible users and that these are a privilege both at school and at home.

LMS Open House on Tuesday, August 28 (See schedule below)

LMS Open House
Tuesday, August 28, 2012 

8th Grade:
6:00-6:08- 1st Period
6:10-6:18- 2nd Period
6:20-6:28- 4th Period
6:30-6:38- 5th Period
6:40-6:48- 6th Period
6:50—7:20 Exploratory Fair in the Cafeteria

6th and 7th Grade:
6:50-7:20 Exploratory Fair in the Cafeteria
7:20-7:28- 1st Core
7:30-7:38- 2nd Core
7:40-7:48- 3rd Core
7:50-7:58- 4th Core
8:00-8:10- 5th Core