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2017-2018 SIC Report To Parents

If you are interested in becoming a member of the LMS SIC Committee, contact Laura McCombs at 821-3704.

2017-2018 LMS School Improvement Council:
Mr. Fran Halloran, Mr. Matthew O’Hara, Mr. Michael Ward, Mrs. Mandy Bowden, Dr. Ebony Bowers, Mrs. Melissa Kneece, Mrs. Chris Ballew, Mrs. Stephanie Cope, Mrs. Jane Waters, Mrs. Joeli Mulligan, Mrs. Lauren LaVenia, Mrs. Ivey HomerMrs. Laura McCombsMrs. Jenny Burkholder and Mrs. Gloria Nester. 

2017-2018 Officers
Mandy Bowden, Chair
Ebony Bowers, Co-Chair
Laura McCombs, Secretary

Meeting Minutes
September Minutes
November Minutes
February Minutes
May Minutes